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Scotland may show a way forward for trans rights in UK

Edinburgh native James Morton was 24 years old when his employers realized he was trans after he applied for a pension scheme requiring him to provide a birth certificate. He told CNN that a data protection error outed him to colleagues, who began asking Morton about his private parts and "made offensive jokes at my expense," he said.

03rd, April 2020, 11:05pm

Coronavirus means that no one's talking about Brexit any more

The UK performed a significant U-turn in its handling of the coronavirus pandemic this week. After days of savage criticism in the press over its laggardly testing strategy, Britain's top health minister made a bold new pledge.

03rd, April 2020, 11:04pm

As northern Italy is ravaged by coronavirus, there's trouble brewing down south

Four weeks into a nationwide lockdown, very few Italians are still singing from their balconies or banging pots and pans in solidarity. Instead, flags were lowered to half-staff this week for the nearly 15,000 coronavirus victims including doctors, nurses and health care professionals who have perished since February 23.

03rd, April 2020, 11:02pm

'Normal' will look completely different when this is all over

We are all stuck in the midst of this thing -- whether on the front lines of fighting it or just in our houses waiting for it to pass. More and more people are getting sick, and that means more and more people are being directly touched by the devastation of this disease.

03rd, April 2020, 11:01pm

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