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Japan worker's pay docked for taking lunch 3 mins early

TOKYO, Japan (AFP) — A Japanese city official has been reprimanded and fined for repeatedly leaving his desk during work hours — but only for around three minutes to buy lunch.The official, who works at the waterworks bureau in the western city of Kobe, began his designated lunch break early 26 times over the space of seven months, according to a city spokesman.

23rd, June 2018, 04:24pm

Japan fans spark plumbing pinch in World Cup loo dash

TOKYO, Japan (AFP) — Armchair Japan fans following their team's 2-1 World Cup win over Colombia risked triggering a plumbing disaster of biblical proportions when millions rushed to the toilet at half-time.

23rd, June 2018, 04:24pm

Rats break into ATM, munch through US$18,000 in cash

NEW DELHI, India (AFP) — Indian police on Thursday said rats nibbled through more than a million rupees of banknotes after busting into a cash machine in the country's north-east.The rodent heist in Assam state was only detected by bank officials after locals complained that the ATM was faulty and had stopped dispensing cash, police in Tinkusia district told AFP.

23rd, June 2018, 04:24pm

Brazilian court: Dog has visiting rights too

São PAULA, Brazil (AFP) — Every dog has his day, but one Brazilian dog will have the equivalent of parental visiting days after a court ruled that a separated couple must share their pooch.The São Paulo couple got their Yorkshire terrier in 2008, but the dog became a bone of contention when they split up in 2011.

23rd, June 2018, 04:24pm

Grenada's new Parliament building opens

ST GEORGE'S, Grenada (CMC) — Grenada's new Parliament building was officially opened on Thursday in a ceremony attended by representatives of funding governments, regional leaders, parliamentarians, and the general public.The opening follows the destruction of York House — the old Parliament building — by Hurricane Ivan in September 2004.

23rd, June 2018, 04:24pm

Python selfie puts Indian forest ranger in tight spot

KOLKATA, India (AFP) — An India forestry ranger found himself in a bind after a python briefly strangled him while he posed for pictures with the giant snake.Wildlife officer Sanjay Dutta was called in Sunday by frantic villagers in West Bengal after they saw the 40-kilogramme (88-pound) python swallowing a goat alive.

23rd, June 2018, 04:24pm
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