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TAJ cashier fined $80k for larceny

KINGSTON, Jamaica — A cashier at the King Street, Kingston location of the Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) was last Friday sentenced to six months imprisonment at hard labour, or a fine of $80,000 when she appeared before the Corporate Area Parish Court.The cashier, Tamarla Peart, opted to pay the fine following the ruling handed down by Justice Vaughn Smith.

18th, June 2019, 06:23pm

Forex: J$130.00 to one US dollar

KINGSTON, Jamaica — The US dollar on Tuesday, June 1 ended trading at J$130.00 down by six cents according to the Bank of Jamaica's daily foreign exchange trading summary.Meanwhile, the Canadian dollar ended trading at J$96.84 up from J$96.74 while the British pound sterling ended trading at J$162.61 down from J$163.47.

18th, June 2019, 06:23pm

Trump threat to deport 'millions' sparks firestorm

WASHINGTON, United States (AFP) — Donald Trump's threat to begin deporting "millions of illegal aliens" next week triggered heated rhetoric Tuesday on both sides of America's political divide, with Democrats warning the US president was fear-mongering ahead of his re-election campaign launch.

18th, June 2019, 05:23pm

Elie Honig: Hope Hicks is the Forrest Gump of the Trump White House

Hope Hicks, former campaign adviser and White House communications director for President Donald Trump, will testify before the House Judiciary Committee this week. But under a negotiated agreement with Chairman Jerrold Nadler, Hicks will testify behind closed doors. No cameras, no live audience, no visuals -- just a stenographer's rote recording of Hicks's testimony, released publicly after the fact.

18th, June 2019, 04:45pm

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